Ep34 - WTF & Other Questions?

October 19, 2022 Molls & Gem
Ep34 - WTF & Other Questions?
Show Notes

WTF and other questions?

The world we live in can often seem overwhelming and we can find ourselves asking WTF is going on? 

In this episode, we look at this question and how it can look like life and the world is creating our feelings but how that is not actually true.  We will uncover that the only thing we are feeling In every moment is our thinking.  If we look deeply enough, we can see that the power of thought is constantly shaping our experiences from within. This frees us from the limitations of the world and opens us up to living a more peaceful and happier life. There is no area of life that this understanding cannot touch, as all of life is made from this understanding. 

In this episode we have a Kurdish freedom fighter from Iran speak who was obviously upset about what is going on in his country. We did contact him after the show to see if he was okay and he is doing well. 

Enjoy the show!



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